Switzerland Travel Guide | Rent | My Experience

Hello friends, I am Milan, and today in this blog I will tell you a lot of things about Switzerland. Like when to go to Switzerland, how to go? After reaching Switzerland, one has to board the train or hop in the car? Or how much does it cost? There are a lot of questions that you guys have asked us. So today in this blog, we will write what has not been shown yet.

Since Switzerland is a dream destination.We did not go directly to Switzerland. We first went to France, and we went to Switzerland via France. So in this blog, I will tell you both ways how to come, if you are traveling directly to Switzerland or if you are traveling to another European country and coming to Switzerland.

We started our journey from Lons Le Saunier, a small town in France. This city is in Eastern France, which is close to Switzerland. We are going to Interlaken, Switzerland. This is Renault Grand Scenic car that we have rented. And Colette is going to drive. We are just getting into this car. Right now we have left from Lons and we are going to Interlaken. It’s 250 kilometers, it will take 3-4 hours. Although it will take 3 hours to go from highway, but Collete is saying that we will take routes which cuts through small towns. So we’ll see from where we’ll go.

Switzerland And the environment is very beautiful. As it is common in Europe. So the way from France to Switzerland is very beautiful.A lot of people have a question that if they are going to visit Switzerland, then should they rent a car or take a Swiss Travel Pass. We will tell you about the Swiss Travel Pass later.

Firtsly, we tell about the car because we had rented a car. Because we were 6 people, we thought that if we travel to Switzerland by car, it will be a bit cheaper. And the advantage with the car is that you can stop wherever you want. And you can stop as long as you want. This freedom has it’s own joy. Beautiful. Seeing such a beautiful sight, feeling happy. Witnessing nature, what else is needed.

First of all, let me tell you how much it costs to rent this car. There are 2 parts to the car fare. “Rent + Security Deposit”. Petrol expenses separate. Since we were driving the car ourselves, we rented a slightly larger car. We had to pay 500 Euros for this car for 6 days. That means around Rs.40,000. Nearly Rs.6,500 a day. If you want to rent a small car, then you can get it for Rs.2,000-3,000 per day. We had to pay a security deposit of 1200 Euros i.e. about Rs.93,000 for this car. But the good thing is that you do not have to give cash. If you have a credit card, then give your credit card number and they will block the amount on your card equal to the security deposit.

When you return back the car, your money will be unblocked. The only thing to keep in mind is that your credit card limit should be good so that you do not face problems. Let us tell you the price of petrol. The price of one litre of petrol is 1.5 Euro i.e. around Rs.120. Now let me tell you which websites you can visit to rent your car. There is a website, www.easyrentcars.com, from where you can rent your car. Apart from this, www.europcar.com is also a similar website. And there is also www.easycar.com. Apart from these there are Alamo, AVIS and many other websites from where you can rent your car.

If you do not want to drive yourself, then there is also a driver option on these websites which will be visible while you book the car. But for that you have to pay little more money.

We went Switzerland via France but if you land in Switzerland also and if you want to travel there it is much cheaper to travel by car because the train fare is very expensive there. There could be a slight issue while driving there because they have a left hand driving system. There is right hand side driving in India. Left hand side means that the steering is on our left side and the rules of the road are also according to that. So this is just a small issue. Otherwise, getting around by car is very economical.

Now I will tell you about the Swiss Travel Pass. Many types of Swiss Travel Passes are available. So you can choose the one which suits you, you can find it online. See, there are many types of Swiss Travel Passes like Flexi Pass, Youth Pass. Let me tell you about a general Swiss Pass. If you are traveling for 3, 4 or 8 days, then the rate of ticket of 1st class and 2nd class is mentioned in it. There you can easily travel in 2nd class because 2nd class is also very good. Because we were 6 people, had we booked a ticket for 418 Euro per person, it would have cost us about 2500 Euros for the tickets. Which was too much But we got the car very cheaply compared to it.

Swiss Travel Pass also has its distinct advantages. For example, you can do unlimited traveling all over Switzerland. Public transport which is there like trains, buses, boats; we can use these without tickets. You get great discounts on mountain top trips. Museum’s entry is free.

And for children up to 6 years travel free. There are many other advantages of Swiss Travel Pass which you can get information by visiting their website.

When we enter Switzerland, we will show. And before I talk to you about my journey, I want to tell you how to travel from India to Switzerland, how to book a flight ticket and how much it costs. If you want to get a slightly cheaper ticket, book the ticket at least 6 months in advance. If you have not made a plan even before that, then at least 3 months in advance, make your plan.

Otherwise, be prepared to pay more. If you book a ticket 3-4 months in advance, then the direct flight ticket from Delhi to Zurich will cost 40-45 thousand rupees per person. If you take a stop-over flight, then you can also get the tickets 2-3 thousand rupees cheaper. If you are lucky, you can get a flight of less than Rs.40,000.

Summer holidays in India are in May-June but in Europe it is in July-August. So the period between May to August is very rushy. Everything is very expensive. But the summer vacation of children happens at this time, so we chose this time. So you know the cost of traveling from India to Switzerland.

Now to see how much it costs to stay there, to eat, to roam. Now we are entering Switzerland from France and this is the border area and I will show you how this area looks. So we have entered Switzerland. And have a look at Switzerland. It was very swift, comfortable, a small toll-type, no toll was levied. And there was no one but that was the marker point.

Now we proceed our journey. There are many routes to get from France to Switzerland by car. Because we had to go to Interlaken in Switzerland, so we went by Neuchatel. This city is on the western border of Switzerland. Most Indian tourists do not go through this route as it is not a very popular route. But our French friend, Colette, who is a local here, knew a lot about this route, so she wanted us to have a look at the city of Neuchatel.

Traveling through small towns and beautiful nature on both sides is so enjoyable. In life, it cannot be equated with anything else. Although the whole of Europe is very beautiful, but Switzerland has it’s own charm. So we have also come to Switzerland now, and now let’s see how it feels in the interiors of Switzerland.

Now let me tell you something about Neuchatel. Neuchatel is a very beautiful area of Western Switzerland. The lakes are very beautiful, very popular among tourists. And Neuchatel is considered to be the place of Swiss Watches. The lakes here are quite popular among tourists.

Let me tell you that parking in Switzerland is also very expensive. we could not find any parking space Therefore we thought that we will see Neuchatel by car. Let me now give you some information about Neuchatel. French is spoken here because it is near the border of France. French is also the official language here. Neuchatel is called Neuenburg in German. And the special thing about Neuchatel is that it was once part of the Roman Empire.

Neuchatel can be called an ancient city because we can find mentions of it in 13,000 BC. From the tourism point of view, a 12th century palace and church are the most famous places here. You must have heard about the famous watches of Switzerland.

Thank You.