Qatar Travel Guide | My Experience | Cost

Hello, Everyone my name is Bansal.

Qatar is an beautiful place to visit. It is very near to Dubai and Saudi Arab.

So the first step to visit Qatar is to book the flight tickets Guys, I will suggest you that book the tickets at least 3 months in advance. It will be cheaper. Qatar is a country And DOHA its capital is the best place to visit and it attracts most of the tourists.

Actually most of the places to visit in Qatar are either in Doha or around Doha Qatar is just like mini Dubai. When you will take a flight to Qatar. You will land in Doha Airport. One important tip For Airport to Hotel transportation do not use their local taxi. They are comparatively expensive. Download UBER app in your phone and book uber in Doha Uber is the cheapest in Doha. And Qatar’s Local Taxi named Karwa ranks second. They are just little expensive then uber. So if you are not able to book Uber then you can book Karwa alsoit is good.

So after DE boarding the plane you went to your hotel 5 star hotel are not very expensive in Doha so try to book 5 star hotels.

Your 1st two days here should be booked in Mid town. There are many hotels in midtown. You can book 5 stars hotels also in very inexpensive rates. So the 1st place to visit in Qatar is Souq Waqif, Souq Waqif is the one of the best traditional market of Qatar, there you can find handicrafts, garments antiques and souvenirs for your family.

The best thing about Souq Waqif market is its lively feel, you just experience a new world. In Souq waqif there are lots of different traditional restaurant where you can all type of food and there are also big and hidden hookah parlor, this place is a heaven for hookah lovers. if you go a little further then you will find traditional concert.

Guys I must tell you this place is perfect for night out and night stay. In the deep streets of Souq you will find a bird market, you can purchased any type of bird and animal, yes it is legal in Qatar but it is debatable, that should it happen in Qatar or not but guys it is very beautiful place you must be go there.

2nd big place you must visit in Qatar is Aspire Zone Aspire zone is in Al-Wasab on the west part of Doha Qatar, you should go there by taxi because taxi is cheapest which I have already told you. So from taxi you went to Aspire Zone , aspire zone is full zone where there are different thing to do.

There are three different places you must be visit, First is Villaggio mall, Villaggio mall is the biggest mall of Qatar which is full of international brands. From U.S.A or U.K and Europe, brand from everywhere are available in Villaggio mall. Here is 180 meter long canal where you can do Gondola ride Gandolania theme park is the famous place in Villaggio mall. This is an Amusement park which is perfect for both children and adults. Here is perfect for both children and adults. Here full off fun.

When you get tired from rides then you can go to the international food court, all types of cuisines are available there like Indian, continental, Qatari food. You will get everything. When you will exit the Gandolania or Villaggio mall. you will find Aspire park, this is the 3rd place to visit in Aspire zone, Aspire park is the biggest family park in Qatar. here you can enjoy picnic with your family here are many fountains to see this park is decorated beautifully and important thing is that you can see the Biggest torch tower of Qatar from this park.

Torch tower is made as a symbol of 15th Asian games in form of torch and its look beautiful specially at night so this is the 2nd place for visit in Qatar 3rd thing you should not miss in Qatar is the Desert Safari Desert safari is famous all over the world, but most of the people don’t know that in Qatar same level desert safari is available in half the price. So book desert safari in Qatar, your personal land cruiser will come to pick you up from your hotel and will take you from Qatar to desert. which will take 1 hour approx.

Dune bashing is included in a normal package of Qatar nothing is more scarier then the bumpy ride ride of land cruiser on hill od sand but it is hell of fun. After dune bashing you can visit the camp Guys but 1 thing I tell you about Qatar, there are only 3 places in the world where ocean of sand meets ocean to the water and Qatar is one of those three.

In Qatari desert safari camping you will feel that if you select the package where the camping package is included so you get food sport, dune bashing, bonfire ,pick up and drop on your personal car so this was the 3rd important thing which you definitely do in Qatar.

4th most important place you should definitely visit in Qatar which is Katara cultural village So on forth day after your breakfast , get ready and head towards the katara cultural village. there you can see how Qatar looked like 100 to 200 years ago Qatari houses, there mosque and there you will also find Katara cultural museum in which you get all the information about the history of Qatar.

One more good thing about Katara cultural village is that the street food of this village is also very famous there are some small stalls, my suggestion you must try, the cheese roll which is available in small stalls which is available with karak (Tea). so the cheese roll and karak you should definitely try it is amazing.

So after the Qatara cultural village you can go to 5th place in Qatar which is city center mall, guys this the biggest mall of Qatar here you will find different types of exhibition everyday. when we went there we saw the retro cars exhibition. it was beautiful and international brands of food is available in its food court specially for Indians there are lots of option.

Indian cuisine is famous in Qatar it means you can easily find the Indian food, either veg or non veg so guys these are the important places to visit in Qatar and if you follow this plan then it will be cheap and best for you.

Now finally the most important thing two thing you should not do in Qatar, first for ladies. According to Qatar’s culture if you are outside then you should have covered knees and shoulders. even if you don’t cover it its no big deal but still if you will follow their culture then that will be good as the saying goes when in Rome be like Roman.

So when you in Qatar be like Qatari women 2nd tip is for gents for male guys there you should not talk to your opposite sex or ladies directly. if you are a tourist and you want to ask a way to somewhere then make sure you ask to a male person because there its not considered good for a stranger to talk to a woman. so this rule also you should follow.

Thank You.