Pamukkale Travel Guide | Place To Visit | Best Time

Hi I am your host Mahir. I am just arrived in Pamukkale with my friend. We both are staying as couchsurfers at Gokhan. Place quite hot so it may be hot in 2nd week of september. its 11:30 am visiting this place in morning or evening is advisable Usually, tourists do a day trip to Pamukkale its a 3-4 hour tour.

This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Turkey like Cappadocia or Istanbul. You can visit all the museums in Turkey by getting a Museum pass for 210 Lira. I wanted to know from where can we get that card in Istanbul ? but I couldn’t get the information from them but if you are going to start your Turkey trip from Istanbul and planning for a 1-2 week trip then its advisable to buy this card.

You can access all the museums and such sites in Turkey with just one card. This is the place where ‘Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani’ was shot featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina kaif. Don’t forget to bring proper footwear while visiting this place. Footwears are not allowed beyond this point For thousands of years, this water has been coming from the mountains. This is volcanic water. This is white because of Calcium carbonate.

Yesterday we saw Sulphur water in Karahayit village In most of the places I have seen that water In Turkish Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’. This is a sedimentary rock deposited by water from the hot springs. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses water is hot Bring your shorts or swimsuit and enjoy this water stream. I saw a lot of people doing this Many had applied this on their body or you can just sit like us and relax enjoy the scenery.

Pamukkale village beyond that is Denizli city those are the mountains. I didnt expect the mountains to be so high! Don’t do like them crossing that rope is prohibited some stones are very sharp. I am getting confused! Should I keep shooting or stop. Sometimes I feel I should not, respecting the ‘condition’ of the people but I am in Pamukkale. I have to show you how the place looks like again I am warning see what you have come here for. I hope you are getting my point.

Now we are going to visit Hierapolis. its a greek name some 2200 years ago 2nd BC Then came Romans, Greeks and so on Whoever came here, destructed the city made by their predecessors. They destroyed the statues. So this city was established and destroyed many times thats an amphitheatre. also a popular attraction this city used to be quite big spread from there to there.

I just saw a city map According to Gokhan, before entering the city visitors had to visit the Hamams to clean themselves. so there were hamams built outside the city now this is in ruins Turkey is located in an earthquake prone zone. After getting destroyed in 14 AD due to an earthquake the city never got established again these are just ruins. So you can visit Hierapolis and Pamukkale travertines by paying 35 Lira Just pay once 3-4 hours are enough to visit this place.

Its advisable if you bring something to eat Gokhan says, things to eat are very costly in this place even a bottle of water costs 5 Lira whereas I bought if for 2.5 lira for 5 litres of water in Istanbul from sok supermarket bring a bottle with you refill it from the water fountain. bring food and water in such day packs i was about to slip 3000 people could sit there and 10000 people here so in total 13,000 people could sit in this amphitheatre.

Rooster is the symbol of Denizli Pamukkale comes in Denizli province that is why a lot of souvenirs were in the shape of a rooster. I am leaving this place. its 3 pm i am very hungry.

You can stay here till evening eat relax do whatever you want its 7:40 pm I came here for 1 day usually people come for a day trip but I stayed here for 3 days I stayed here for so long just because of this place. Though its dark now I can feel the cool breeze while talking to you I enjoyed my stay.

The peaceful environment and freedom at this place made me to stay here for so many days this is the speciality of my host’s home he is sitting in front of me People from all parts of the world keep coming here everyday.

Thank You.