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Hi Guys, welcome back to Hindiflare Blog. I am Prashant, and this time i am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As you must be watching lots of buildings etc, tall height buildings. Brother, there will be tall buildings when you visit to large cities than many skyscrapers can be seen. so here too.

so, how you can come here and what will be the budget? I keep Telling you this information along with it I will also share some useful tips in this video also we will explore so many places here. so please read full article till the end. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram. so Let’s start and explore Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. From many cities of India, you can find direct flight to Kuala Lumpur . From Delhi or Mumbai, flights will be little bit costly. however, from Kolkata, Bhubneshwar or Chennai, if you book tickets prior 2 or 3 months than you can get round trip tickets in up to 10K to 15k.

So, i have arrived the airport of Kuala Lumpur and here is my Visa. it can be get in advance. Applied online. let me tell you. To apply it online, I have given the official website is is The official website of immigration of Malaysia. From where you can apply ENTRI Visa. it will cost around,1500 Rs. and procedure is :- You will have to upload your documents on the site. like..Flight return ticket, hotel booking and 3rd thing is your photo.

So, after filling all this details, will make a simple payment of 1500 Rs After the payment you will get your visa. and will receive this visa document on your mail. After that, you can come here. but its not means that you can enter here further check-in will be here i faced some difficulty as they were asking.. why you are travelling here alone. who come alone for tourism propose. but I told them as i came for tourism. then they asked me, is some one waiting here as they thought, i would have any girlfriend here. even this also could not tell them, and there is nothing like this. so, i clearly informed them that i came here only for tourism purpose. even could not tell them about video otherwise they imposed some change about employment etc. so simply whenever you come here to visit.inform them the reason is tourism and nothing else.

Before leaving the airport you have to do one thing, that is buy a SIM card. You can go to Digi shop here. I also visited with 3-4 more shops every shop has different rates and plans. some has internet pack, some has calling packs. It is offering me, 9 GB internet data for 7 days in 20 Ringgit. so i found it best so i am buying it. 20 Ringgit you can say 400 Rs not exact 400 its 350 approx so it seems to be best. you can also come and check here You must be watching the photos of the shops. so, Digi SIM card, i am buying.

Apart from Sim Card, At airport Don’t forget to exchange the needful currency. At airport, you will find lots of currency exchange shops. Ringgit, which is currency here, already available with me. so i am not exchanging. why i’m not doing it. because as it is very costly here. current rate is if you give 100 Rupees then you get 4.65 Ringgit. means approx 21 rupees for 1 Ringgit, here on other hands.if you give dollars then how much it will cost. if you give dollars, then you have to give around 70 Rs. for 1 $. In exchange for 1 $, will get Ringgit in Rs. 19, or may be less than 19 Rs. So this is the difference. means it is 2-3 Rs. cheaper. So keep this thing in mind while exchanging, currency.

So when you go any where, keep dollars with you. $ is very comfortable and easily available. and cheaply it will work everywhere. so that’s a big deal. i also keep $ doller. you also exchange $ doller. i know 2 times, currency will be exchanged. Firstly, INR to $ then $ to Ringgit. but still it will cheaper. keep this in mind. get as much exchange done at Airport as needed. like for reaching the hotel from here or some for snacking purpose if want that’s it. no need to exchange more. so please keep this in mind. Rest, when you will go to the market there are so many currency exchange shops you can get easily. from there you can get your Ringgits.

Airport is 50 KM away from the main city. So, for City you can get direct bus, taxi or metro. however metro will be costly. I bought this bus ticket for K.L Central, which cost me 12 Ringgit, approx 200 INR and you can see counter at this place, from where you can buy this ticket. I am going to K. L Central, and from there for Bukit Bintang, where i have my hotel. i will get taxi from there.

You must be watching K. L Tower, it is at very height. And i am going on that height and will show you the view from there. The entry ticket for K. L tower is approx. 1400 INR I did not buy from here, got this online, it will cost you same, offline or online. I had some credits which is i used, so it cost me around half price. So, let’s go inside and see.

You can see complete view of Kaula Lumpur From here. You also must be watching Petronas Twins Towers from here. It can be seen And you can easily see the beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur, from here.At sky deck of the K. L tower many tourists come to visit. however, It also has an observation Deck. which has entry ticket of 700 INR. But Its has no open view from this.

Now i am here in Sky box of the K. L tower. You can see its fully transparent and at very height. The view is very amazing from here. you will enjoy a lot, if you visit her. Its completely worthy place. So it is must visit place Also see Patrons twin Towers from here and visit there. If you visit K. L Tower in the evening around 4:30 pm, Then you can see perfect view from here.

Now I am here at very popular place of Kuala Lumpur. This is called Aquaria. Aquaria is basically is an Aquarium. You can see shark and many types of fishes here along with this you will find this place very enjoyable. let me show you, what are here In Aquaria, will see many types of fishes and sea creatures Here you can see little corals reefs and small fishes.. looking wonderful and interesting.. and this is the tunnel where u can see sharks, big size shark and small too. means baby sharks and mother sharks.all types of shark u can see here. i just saw one here. if you want you can also do diving in the Aquarium which cost around 3000 to 4000 rupees. Here you will also get to see Jelly Fish and Sea Horse.

If you are In Kaula Lumpur, then don’t be disappoint for Indian food. I ordered dosa. which cost me around 100 Rs. Back side of K. L tower very near to it. You can come here directly. in low budget will find good Indian food. all types of Indian food available here. You will not face any difficulty and taste is also good. I ordered this dosa in 100 Rs. tasty. you will find Indian food, at many places in Kuala Lumpur. After Aquria, you can visit Petronas Twin Towers which is at 5 minutes walking distance. Most Popular place of Malaysias.

Petronas Twin Towers which is most popular place of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Must visit here. it has entry ticket. i could not get it as there is no availability for next 2 days. website details and link you can search on its cost approx 1800 Rs for entry tickets. with it, you can go inside to see observation deck. and timings In morning, its opens around 9 or 10 am all details are mentioned in the so come here and see it. If you can’t get inside then you must see outside.

Then i am going to Bukit Bintang Market. And attraction can be seen all around. here you will get all night life activities. In Jalan Alor (The famous road), you will get to see night life. there are so many massage parlors, bars, beer bars and some clubs. along with it, here, you can also get to hear live street music, at many places. it has also a large market for Malaysian food. And..along with hundreds of restaurants. it also has many street food shops. but here you will not get vegetarian food. Here too, like Thailand there are many marts along with seven eleven. when people come to visit here. then many people like to drink beer and some people come here for this only for experience. so what will be the price.

Let me tell you. Carlsberg beer, if you buy here it will cost you approx 9.90 Ringgit. means will cost you around 200 Rs not exact 200 Rs. you can say approx. 170 to 180 Rs. apart from this, many brands are available here for beer etc if you visit seven eleven or any marts then you can easily get beers etc. costs are different from 200 to up t 300 or 40 according to brands. so if you want you can buy from here whenever you visit a country. so its an important thing to understand their currency so that you can transact easily.

So Now I came here in Kidzania by the way, i have no business here as this place is completely for Kids. Here you will find kids everywhere. if you are coming with family & Kids then must visit this place. you will get to see many interesting things here and your kids will find experimental things to do you can see your kids can play as dentist or sometimes your kid will become fire brigade for now brigade section is closed they become fire brigade employees or sometimes they will become doctor and sometimes they can play as lots of things to do for your kids interesting. so if coming with kids, then must visit in Kidzania.

Entry fees is costly for kids, around 1100 Rs to 1200 Rs and. for adult it 600 to 700 Rs. means cheaper If book by then bookings can be done in low prices. Here kids are learning something. means interesting place for kids, so must get your kids here. Kidzania is most interesting place for kids. here, your kids will learn about professional things with enjoy and fun. here, each profession has separate category so whatever profession your kids will be interested in. they can work practically in that profession and gain knowledge of that profession.

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