Best Place To Visit In Bali

Today I am going to Give you details about top 10 places in Bali.

Top 10 places in Bali. My name is Ramesh. I have recently completed a 7 day trip of Bali I have ranked these places basis my understanding, and that is a really tough task. All the places are extremely beautiful I have considered 2 factors behind the rankings and that is ease of access & beauty. how easily, you can reach that place and how beautiful that place is?

Let’s start, Top 10 in Bali.

No. 10 belongs to Ujung Garden. Ujung Garden is a water Palace in East Bali. It’s very beautiful.

Uluwatu Temple at No. 9, even though, it is very famous and the views from there are amazing. but there are so many amazing places in Bali. somehow, I felt that Uluwatu deserves No. 9 position. So Uluwatu Temple is at No. 9 which is in South Kuta in extreme south of Bali. I have kept Tegenungan Waterfall.

Ubud on No. 8 When you see this waterfall from above, it looks pretty, there are so many stairs to reach there Senior Citizens might face difficulty. It’s very beautiful, and I will again say all the places are very beautiful don’t go by the rankings, please visit all the top 10 places. So in my view, Tegenungan Waterfall is No. 8.

Tanah Lot Temple at No. 7 Which is about 20 KMs from Kuta and 15-16 KMs from Seminyak. Sunset looks awesome from there. So Tanah Lot is at No. 7 according to me.

GWK Park at No. 6 Garuda Wisnu Kancana Park. It’s a new addition to the tourism of Bali. and for me, this is No. 6 in Bali.

On No. 5, I have kept Tegalallang Rice Terraces and the Bali Swing. That is in Ubud, 20 minutes drive from the center.

I have given 4 No. to Suluban beach & Uluwatu Beach they are interconnected and adjacent. and very close to Uluwatu Temple. in South-West Bali. They are very beautiful, little difficult to access, it takes about 10 minutes from the parking the steps of the stairs are a little high, that’s why I am saying that it is a little difficult. But you might not have seen this kind of Beach ever, which has access through caves. Suluban Beach is at No. 4 for me.

No, 3 I have given it to another beach in South of Kuta Dreamland beach I found Dreamland Beach to be the most accessible of all the beaches that I saw. You can take your Scooters & Cars to very close to the beach. and after a short walk, you can access the Dreamland Beach. This is very beautiful this is one of the finest, that I had seen in Bali. So this is at No. 3.

On No.2, I have kept, Kintamani Viewpoint Kintamani is at approx 35 KMs away from Ubud it takes about an hour. The viewpoint is Amazing, You can see 2 volcanoes from here Both are active One erupted in 2000 and another in 2017 One is Agung and another Batur So, for me, No. 2 is Kintamani Viewpoint.

It’s a tie at No. 1 between 2 places The 1st one is Kelinking Beach on Nusa Penida, I could not go to the Beach, the views from above were unparalleled. Very Beautiful, you would see the photographs. and along with that I have given No. 1 to Sekumpul also. Since both these places were exceptional Although, both the places were a little difficult in terms of accessibility. But if I had not given them No. 1 spot it would have been an injustice to these places. So this my No. 1, Kelingking beach in Penida and Sekumpul Waterfall in North Bali.